The show in its simplest form, was born January 14, 2016. By this I mean, I had an idea to do a one off video, paying tribute to some of Eddie’s gear, go over some effects pedals and kind of a mini rig rundown.

In this video it’s mentioned that if viewers liked this content, more videos would follow. The exact description of the video was as follows:

First of several video blogs talking everything and anything Edward Van Halen. This is just my introduction to you. Your positive feedback will decide whether or not I make more of these.

The video ended up being well received and fans expressed interest in having more content like this made available. So, very shortly after I followed up with more videos, around 6 more before the end of January, each did fairly well. It was clear at this point that he would try and turn these segments into a show.

A name that stuck with me since the onset, was EVH Gear Discussion, and thus the show concept was moved forward with under that moniker. 

The channel started off with less than 30 subscribers in 2017 and saw decent subscription gains in the first quarter. Before the end of the first quarter, the show/channel received its first sponsor, that being

At this point, the show was now sponsored, and still was sitting at only 300 subscribers. A feat at that point thought impossible. It was only a few months later, in late July Eric recorded a video saying thank you for reaching 700 subscribers.

The show has since seen major sponsorship come on board from the likes of RØDE Microphones as well as Stewart Travel Guitars

EVH Gear Discussion started having some of the industry’s biggest names on the show and this snowballed quickly. The channel grew rapidly and hit 2000 subscribers in late December.  On the day of the last (official) show for 2016 (Friday Dec 23) the channel broke the 2,000 subscriber count. As of August 2018 the YouTube channel has just surpassed 8,000 subscribers, forecasted to surpass 10,000 before the end of 2018.

Eric would like to thank the fans that made his show and a dream become a reality in 2016. It could have never happened without you.

The name EVH Gear Discussion has since been retired as of mid 2017, thus closing a chapter and moving on to a new one. As we continue broadcasting and creating content in 2017 and beyond the show is now relabelled “EVH & Gear TV”.

Two completely new shows have also been added to the content lineup on EVH & Gear TV. The Helix Hour (a 60 minute LIVE show) focusing on the Line 6 Helix family of products airs Sundays at 3PM Eastern / 12PM Pacific, and our newest show, Kramer Korner, focusing on the legacy of the Kramer Guitars brand, airing Tuesdays at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific.

As you can see, things are busy here on the channel, just the way we like it!

Samples Of Our Various Shows:

EVH & Gear TV Celebrity Interviews:

The Helix Hour:

Kramer Korner: