I have been playing guitar for what seems like an eternity, and actually, it kind of is. I started on the instrument as a teenager, and once I heard Van Halen for the very first time, my life was changed from that moment on.

I have played in numerous (mostly) cover bands over the years, a couple original acts, and even a Van Halen tribute act (5150), which at the time, was one of the biggest Van Halen tribute acts in the country.

Two of my career highlights, were performing with 5150 where I learned alot about the business side of music and image. Next, and probably more of something that shaped me as a musician was my time with my last band Finding Core.

I was the last founding member of Finding Core before I shut it down in 2012, and now maintain what is left to our little mini legacy we set out to achieve.

In Finding Core, through marketing initiatives that I developed, we were able to secure band endorsements from A-Z, and rather quickly became one of the highest endorsed (yet unsigned) acts in the country.

We had at one time over 2 dozen major deals with musical instrument manufacturers, and alot of them, are still with me today.

As a kid growing up, and a want to be rockstar, I never thought I would accomplish the things I have.

Around 2008-2009, I became endorsed by EVH Gear/Fender (a dream come true for a Van Halen fan) and to this day, I pinch myself each and every day when I get up, just in the fact that I am so very grateful to be on that roster with so many of today’s greats.

When they say believe in your dreams, and you can achieve anything you set out to accomplish as long as you work hard, well, that’s true. I am proof of that. Never say to yourself, I can’t do that. Once you say it, you have sealed your own fate.

I have become obsessed with photography and have added photography services to my business, where I am a partner, at Design39Media. In the fall of 2015, I was fortunate enough to shoot for Live Nation and capture some epic moments of my lifelong hero Edward Van Halen during their 2nd of 2 Canadian stops on their tour. You can see these photos from August 7th at the Live Nation Nation Molson Canadian Amphitheatre here on my website.

As 2016’s New Year came upon us, I rediscovered my passion for making videos, and resurrected my YouTube page. Within 2 months of putting everything I could into quality production and trendy content, my channel itself became sponsored.

Again, believe in what you do, never lose focus. I have many great things lined up on my channel to take it to levels that right now, may seem impossible, even to me. But I’ve proven in the past that the sky is the limit, and only limited by how much work you are willing to put in.

That’s me folks. I love Van Halen, I love guitar, I love multimedia production. I like producing content.

I thank all of you that have supported me over the years and continue to share your feedback and comments with me.

Cheers and thanks,



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